Friday, February 16, 2007

Predators get Forsberg

After being away for a feww days Im back.

Tonight was the night that Forsberg was traded from Flyers to Nashville Predators. No suprice that Peter was traded. its been going on for some time now. but that nashville was the team that made the trade was a suprice. I was puutng my money on teams like Canadians or maybe the Red Wings. Still, it was a good trade. Forsberg now plays for a winning team and he gets a better chance of showing his great plays.

Last weekend the LG Hockey Games (former Sweden Hockey games) was played. Sweden won this tournament and they did it with style too. Sweden plays a great hockey right now.

A team that doesn't play that great is Frölunda Indians, after being in the top the last years with 2 Golds and one Silver they are now second to last in the league. But the league is very tight, only 5 points are between 6th and 11th team. (team 1-8 are trough to the playoffs, team 9-10, for them the season is over and team 11-12 are gonna battle it out to se if they will play in the highest league next season.)

thats all for now

Thursday, February 8, 2007

LG Hockey Games

Good start for Sweden, a not that hard game against the czechs, a solid performance and a good reslut, 6-1. Lots of un to see rookies that plays good, such as Hörnqvist, he might somthing special in a few years. he knows how to score and he is almost always in the right position. when playing with players that see him and can make the pass, well, then Hörnqvist is of a high class. He's still younge and needs a few more years before he can perform totally on his own, even if he is well on his way. He's drafted by Nashville as far as know and they probobly wanna have him over to NHL soon. I think that he should stay at least one more year, maybe two. not that many can make it in the nhl at a younge age, even if there is plenty of examples. right now the NHL is dominated by 2 youngesters in Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin. Next season we will hopefully have another star, Niclas Bäckström, that will play with Ovechkin in Capitals. That combination can be something really special if they get the chance of playing togheter.

Other rising stars in Sweden are Joel Gistedt (Goalie Frölunda) Niklas Hjalmarsson (defender HV71) Magnus Isaksson (forward Luleå) and Linus Omark (forward Luleå) , this is some of the players that will have a intressting future (of course there is many more players but these is some of my favourites.

Have to comment the Sedin brothers, this season they have really developed into some of the most inportant players in the Canucks. When they play together its amazing, they know each other so well. another fun happening in the NHL right now is that our Swedish goalies seem to be getting more chances, and they are playing good, Tellqvist is showing that he is as good as we all knew before he came over, can't really understand that leafs never gave him the chance. Holmqvist has moved forward to become the first goalie of Tamba and Lundqvist in Rangers are good, he will be really, really good in the future.

next game in LG Hockey games are on saturday, the Russians will be a hard game, but as the swedes played tonight I have full faith that thy will win.

next week the chase for the last playoff places continues in the Elite League.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Young Goalie

Yesterday, in the swedish "Allsvenskan" (the second highest league in Sweden) Team Arboga had to use their 14 years young goalie Johan Gustafsson. Thats an impressiv young debut and he did well too, after a rough start he manage to save 40 shots. even that Arboga lost, Johan did very well.

Guess Johan is very glad over his debut and it will be fun to follow his future, will he get more chances?

Friday, February 2, 2007


The speculations around Forbergs future countinues. I think its clear that he will not stay with the Flyers, the problem comes when you start to think about what team that will trade him. There is many teams that wants Forsberg. Anaheim has a long way before them hit their salarycap, but teams like Devils and Rangers will probobly do what they can to attract Peter. Theirs been some speculations that both Forsberg and Sundin will go to Anaheim, but I don't really beleive that, even if it would be cool to see Mats play with Peter.
The only thing I can see as a surten fact is that if any of them will tarde clubs it will be for a club that are some of th best. Don't think Rangers have a chance in the playoff even if they have Jagr, LUndqvist and Nylander. Their defense is not what is should be.

I would like to see Forsberg in some of these teams, the Leafs (if they will make it to the playoffs then will sundin stay), Sens ( get a chance to play with Alfie).

Avalanche may still be a n option but it seems like Forsberg wanna stay away from them. theirfor it will most likly be a club in the eastern conference.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


there's been some trades in the swedish league today, this the last day for the transferwindow. the most intressting one for me, Frölunda Indians have traded their younge defense talant Johan Fransson (21 years) for the more scared Oscar Ackerström(34), he's been in Frölunda before.
Fransson has not been that good this season and Frölunda that need to stay strong, since they battleing for a playoff place. no need for a younge not as tough defenseplayer?

I have always liked the fact that Frölunda have put their faith in younger player, but that seems to be something of the past. in the team today their is almost nobody that is a own product. well, they have 2-3 players, Joel Gistedt (goalie), Anton Axelsson(winger) and Patrik Carlsson (winger). Gistedt have been really good so far, and has got himself a place in the swedish international team that plays the LG Games, and he was one of 2 goalies that played for sweden in the junoir world championships. He's been compared to Henrik Lundqvist, goalie for NY Rangers and former Frölunda Indians player. Gistedt is good, no doubt. at the age of 19 he is one of the best goalies in the league. Anton Axelsson is good too, younger brother of PJ Axelsson in Boston. you can see that they are related, playes hard, fast and do not stop for anyone. players you love to have in your team.

these games coming up in elite league will make or brake for some of the teams. not many points is between a playoff place and the brutal fact of miss the playoffs. my guess is that Frölunda will make it, so will Luleå and Skellefteå. Linköping and Djurgården, they will miss the party. for them the season will be over and for linköping that will be hard, since they were expected to be a top 4, top 5 team.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The First One

This is my first posting for this blog and my ideas are to write about hockey, in all kinds of forms, but most about sweden and its player in the NHL. There will be pace for other playesr and ideas too.

next week its time for the LG Hockey Games in Sweden. The playoff is only a few games away in the swedish elite league, the chase for the last playoff places is getting tight. and will Flyers trade Forsberg before the NHL Playoff?

this is good times for us hockeylovers